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Lost and Found Policy

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items in our venue. For any items found, call our team at 212-675-5980 to see if it was returned to our lost and found. 

Q: Can we split the bill multiple ways?

We have a one card rule per party. You can split it amongst your party by one card, one card, and part cash, or all cash.

Q: Do I have to order anything in advance?

No. Simply order any item(s) on our menus the day of your reservation with your server.

Q: Does everyone in my party have to do the same prix fixe option?

Everyone at the party is welcome to choose any one of our 5 prix fixe options. The party does not have to get the same one. 

Q: Is there a dress code?

Dress to impress! Our dress code is club attire, women tend to wear dresses, skirts, nice outfits and for men please no ripped jeans, timberland boots, sweatsuits, steel-toed boots or hats.

Q: Is your venue 21+?

Yes. All guests must be 21+ with proper ID to enter.

Q: Is coat check Mandatory?

Yes, all coats must be checked in upon entry. It is $5 per item checked in. 

Q: What size is the bottle included in the prix fixe?

The bottle we provide for the prix fixe is a standard size and contains 750 ML.

Q: Is there a time limit on your table?

Each table has a 2-hour time limit. After your time limit is up you’re more than welcome to hang out at the bar or dance the day away!

Q: Do you accept large parties?

Yes, we do! We specialize in accommodating big parties anywhere from 10-50. If you have any questions regarding bigger parties and private events check out our private events tab!

Q: Can I come late?

We strongly advise everyone in the party to be on time to avoid any wait time for your party and the following parties. Each party gets a 10 minute grace period.

Q: If someone in my party doesn’t drink do they have to pay the $50?

Everyone has to pay the $50 to have a seat at brunch. The $50 includes the club atmosphere highlighted by performers, headlining DJs, and a dance floor!